Daniel L. Goodwin

Daniel L. Goodwin


Daniel L. Goodwin

Early Career:

Daniel L. Goodwin was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and completed his elementary and high school education in the city. He then went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from universities in Illinois. After he completed his studies, he went on to teach for a period of 5 years at public schools in Chicago. After serving on the BoG (Board of Governors) for Illinois State Colleges he was the Chairman of NE Illinois University for a decade. After serving as the VC of the Board of Trustees for Benedictine University for a period of 20 years, he worked with inner-city children and disabled children.

Following his extensive career in education, he moved to The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies. This group won the BBB Ethics Award for 2 years in succession, from a pool of 1,700 other applicants. He was also able to successfully turn a major loss-making operation at the DuPage Airport Authority into a profitable operation. From $26 million in debt, the DuPage Airport Authority started generating profits. According to studies, the profits for DuPage Airport routinely exceed $100 million per annum for the surrounding vicinity.


Daniel L. Goodwin has been in the Housing and Real Estate Development industry for over forty years. Among others, he is an active member of the National Association of Realtors President’s Circle. His business achievements span scores of housing developments across the Southwest, the Midwest, Florida and New England. Among his many business achievements, Mr Goodwin has also authored two industry-leading books for the real estate industry.

Among others, he was on the board if the IHDA (Illinois Housing Development Authority) Trust Fund. As the CEO and Chairman of the Inland Real Estate Group of Companies Incorporated, he oversaw assets worth billions of dollars across all but one state. His business endeavors span multiple sectors such as: lending, mortgage banking, real estate brokerage, real estate securities, real estate investing, land development and construction.

Special Projects:

Daniel L. Goodwin is affiliated with multiple trusts, companies and universities. He has been awarded for his work with Catholic Charities with the prize for affordable housing leader of the year, in addition to being inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Chicago Association of Realtors and the Illinois Association of Realtors.