Alex Dembitzer

Alex Dembitzer

Early Career:

Alex Dembitzer began his path to professional excellence at an early age. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from New York University in 1981 when he was only 19 years old. Four years later, he had already established himself as an entrepreneur and corporate leader in the field of real estate development and investment.


Alex Dembitzer is the CEO of Sky Management Services, LLC, which he founded in 2010.
Prior to initiating this multi-state real estate development and management company, Dembitzer spent 20 years developing and investing in residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects as an independent businessman. Following a shift in the market, Dembitzer used the opportunity to pull together a highly seasoned and skilled staff of real estate professionals to launch Sky Management Services.

Sky Management works both with the public and the private sector. Sky specializes in property renewal and bring creative solutions and technologies to challenged real estate properties. After renovating and stabilizing the buildings, Sky re-introduces these properties to the market. The company works on commercial, residential and multi-purpose projects across America’s major cities. This innovative approach, together with their many years of experience, has enabled Sky to weather a volatile real estate market, and build up an impressive portfolio of holdings. It has developed a number of public facilities for municipalities and the federal government, including for the City of Philadelphia, U.S. Department of Homeland Services and U.S. General Services Administration. With an eye toward the future, Sky Management has also become a major player in the renewable energy field. Not long after it was founded, the company began an expansion into solar energy through Sky Power, LLC. Sky Power develops and invests in clean energy solutions within the real estate sector. They currently manage more than 100 grid-connected solar plants and solar rooftop installations. Many more projects of this type are planned for the future.

Alex Dembitzer and his wife are also significantly invested in philanthropy. In partnership with his family, Dembitzer founded the Northern Charitable Foundation whose core mission is to support initiatives that improve people’s health and quality of life. The Foundation is engaged in strategic partnerships with a number of grassroots organizations in Israel and America. Its principal area of focus is on chronic illness including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The Foundation supports programs that increase disease awareness, develop prevention strategies, provide access to healthcare for disadvantaged populations, and offer counseling services for patients and their families.