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Michigan Realty Solutions offers clients a broad range of solutions spanning the full spectrum of real estate services. These include securing properties, plumbing services, demolitions, rehabilitation, repair work and renovations. With respect to the last two, the company is geared towards getting homes ready for move-in status with a full range of construction services.

Michigan Realty Solutions is primarily a home building company that is involved in demolishing old structures and replacing them with premium-quality new ones. Additionally, it works closely with the authorities in the US Department of Housing and the Urban Development Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Other projects that this real estate company is involved in include the removal of environmental carcinogens, the preservation of properties, and the construction of new tenements, apartments and facilities across the Midwest.


Michigan Realty Solutions is headed by founder and CEO Jonathon Goscinski, who is a fully licensed home builder and real estate broker, as well as a member of the Board of Directors in the Michigan Association of Realtors. Michigan Realty Solutions is NAMFS.org certified.


Michigan Realty Solutions was founded in 2004, however Goscinski has been involved in construction work for 25 years. The company was founded on the overarching objectives of helping to stabilize, rejuvenate and rebuild the communities the company serves in Michigan and the Midwest. The business has grown over the years and now employs 40+ people.

Racking up numerous accolades since it was established, Michigan was awarded the #1 Top Real Estate Companies prize, #1 Top Detroit Companies prize, and #2 Top MI Companies prize.


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