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Heitman is primarily invested in three major areas: private real estate equity, public real estate securities, and real estate debt.

Private Real Estate Equity projects with Heitman are under the control of management, and are worth tens of billions of dollars. The Heitman teams of equity specialists have extensive experience across multiple sectors and property types, and utilize a wide range of investment strategies for different parts of the world.

Public Real Estate Securities projects with Heitman total at several billion dollars of assets under company control. Heitman differentiates itself from the competition with management teams that have grass-roots experience in the property sector.

Real Estate Debt at Heitman is tailored towards effective debt management across multiple levels, including mezzanine-level debt and senior debt. The firm has about $0.5 billion of real estate debt under management control, and its teams and specialists are responsible for overseeing all components of these investments.


The executive team at Heitman comprises a group of experienced senior members who come to the table with decades of collective experience among them. The managers have substantial knowledge of the property markets, the investment arena and of best-practice management techniques. The company is headed up by Maury Tognarelli (CEO), a Non-Executive Chairman, a Managing Director of Public Securities, Senior VPs, Managing Director, CFO, and others.


Heitman was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1966, and has since gained extensive experience in the property market. In 1980 the company became a registered investment advisor in North America, and in 1989 it began managing publicly traded portfolios. By 1994 Heitman acquired JMB Institutional Realty, and the following year shifted operations to the European markets. By 2005 Heitman opened up its first office in Tokyo, Japan, in 2010 it established an Australian office, and a few years later made a direct property investment in Asia-Pacific. Heitman moved its operations to Hong Kong in 2012, and a couple of years later formed Heitman Real Estate Debt Partners. By that stage the company had amassed $34.8 billion.


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