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Allianz Real Estate is a top international real estate investment company with a strong focus on the European market. The company operates on behalf of the Allianz Group of companies and offers a range of real estate investment services including a lending service aimed at commercial property purchases and developments. The main operational focus is developing and executing bespoke investment strategies for Allianz Group with a special focus on direct and indirect equity across the globe.

Allianz Real Estate has a substantial portfolio of assets throughout France, Germany and Switzerland which includes the German Federal Press Conference building, Sue + Til, the largest multi-family housing development in Switzerland and Eulachof in Winterthur, Switzerland’s first zero-energy multi-family house.


The Allianz Real Estate management team comprises of a group of property and business professionals with wide-ranging international experience. The team is headed by François Trausch who serves as CEO as well as chairman of the executive committee and chairman of the management board. Trausch previously held the role of CEO of the Asia Pacific arm of GE Capital Real Estate International and has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from ESCP École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris.


Allianz Real Estate was launched as the property investment arm of Allianz Group with the goal of providing superior risk-adjusted returns along the buy/manage/sell property value chain in 2008. During this year, the company was responsible for a direct equity portfolio of around €16 billion. Just over a decade later, by the end of June 2019, the company’s AUM had grown to €67.1 billion. This positioned Allianz Real Estate as the largest real estate investor in the world.


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