Subtle trends in the real estate market to consider before buying or selling

Wells Fargo Tower

Noteworthy Undercurrents and Trends in the Real Estate Market The real estate market has seen its shares of ups and downs in recent years. Last year, housing prices in the United States continued to rise, but 2019 is now history. The question that prospective buyers and sellers are asking themselves as they plan is will … Read more

The Seven Sisters: Shaping Moscow’s Skyline

Moscow is a city instantly recognizable by its architecture. From the facade of St. Basil’s Cathedral to the Kremlin, Moscow has a skyline that is unmistakably unique. In addition to the much-photographed buildings on Red Square, a visit to Moscow may find you staying in one of the city’s famous Seven Sisters buildings, two of … Read more

Real Estate Remains a Top Investment Option

Real Estate

A Positive Picture for Property Investors Anarock Property Consultants conducted an online survey in early 2019 which showed that close to 60% of participants prefer to make investments in real estate. The survey covered 2,797 respondents from various income levels and geographic locations as well as from diverse age groups throughout India. Respondents from the … Read more

Single-Story Homes are Making a Comeback

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Research Reveals that Double-Story Homes are no Longer the Favorite The United States Census Bureau made some interesting findings recently when it comes to the housing market. It was discovered that single-story homes are once again becoming the most popular choice. The data reveals that more single-story homes are being constructed than double-story homes and … Read more

Good News for Future Homeowners in the United States


As Americans are becoming increasingly concerned with the threat of an economic slump, there is hope on the horizon: the housing market doesn’t seem to be affected by this at all. Recent reports show that reduced mortgage rates are sustaining buyer demand into the cooler months. What the Experts Say Sam Khater, chief economist of … Read more

Safety First in Construction

Safety in Construction sites

How Developers can Safeguard Occupants and Employees With the need for residential and commercial property developments constantly on the rise, the number of developers is also increasing. In a flourishing market, it’s crucial for these companies to keep a close check on the physical safety and wellbeing of the occupants of the buildings being constructed … Read more

Green Construction: West Bengal Hopes for an Eco-Friendly Festive Season


Plans to Launch a Pro-Environment App In a bid to ensure an eco-friendly Durga puja, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board has announced the launch of an app to help with this goal. The app was developed to create awareness of green standards during the festival and also to offer locals the opportunity to easily … Read more

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of These 7 Common Real Estate Myths

Real Estate

The real estate industry is a vibrant, fluid, and exciting marketplace teeming with opportunities. Whether you are a real estate agent, investor or buyer you can be successful in the real estate market. Some commonly accepted myths about the industry, though, can leave you facing unexpected consequences that might make your experience very disappointing. Here … Read more